Carpet Cleaner Review 30 Day PR Challenge

carpet cleaning marketing

Welcome to my review of this ebook. As normal I would like to point out that this review is from a carpet cleaners point of view and how it can help your carpet cleaning business.

So why would you need PR? well as carpet cleaners we need each other so reaching out to other carpet cleaners help us both.

For someone like me with very little education, its been hard learning the difference between teaching and preaching. I have a lot of ideas that I would like to share and PR gives me a position to share from.

This ebook helps us present our ideas in the right way. we all should have ideas that we want to share. be it with prospects, customers or other carpet cleaners.

PR does not have to the written word it can take many forms. from action like Richard Branson style, or images, and video. So if you are like me and have a problems with writing then you have other ways to communicate your message.

This ebook is really a step by step guide.

So how can this ebook help you? USP. I am sure you don’t want to be judged on price alone. so coming up with ideas on how you are different to other carpet cleaners will help you with this.

Ideas or key here as you need to keep fresh and ahead of everyone else. Check out my review of an ebook about ideas and you will never be short of them (coming soon).

Good luck with your carpet cleaning business



Ian Harper






Carpet Cleaner Review The Idea Machine

carpet cleaning ideas

Welcome, This weeks review is about you. How different are you to every other carpet cleaner in your area? from what I see most carpet cleaners just use what Joe polish called “Name, Rank, and Number”.

What choice do we give to prospects when they see our adverts? None. carpet cleaning is not a sexy subject to talk about that’s why the default position is before and after photos and how great my method is.

So how do you come up with a USP? you put your mind to work. This book is a work out for your idea machine, your mind. its will teach you how you can be creative in a very simple way.

All you really need is a theme. it does not have to be related to carpet cleaning. once you have your theme this is when you need to put your idea machine to work. use style and media (images, video, text) to present your USP.

Another saying that Joe used to say was about not being a carpet cleaner but more a marketer of carpet cleaning. this is where you need to learn new skills. from video editing to photography these two skills are the words you need to use to speak to people today, as people just don’t read much anymore they have to much information passing past their eyes every day and images and short video is easy to take in.

One last recommendation is always have a pen and small pad in your pocket to write ideas down. because as you go about your life and start to use your idea machine your will need to record your great ideas for your carpet cleaning business.

Carpet Cleaner Review 30 Day Blogging Challenge

carpet cleaning marketing

This review is from a carpet cleaners point of view. Most carpet cleaning websites are just a few pages five or six at the most. what your missing is that we live in a new age and you should be reaching out to as many situations within carpet cleaning as possible.

Once you see the light on how wide our market is you will realise what you been missing. What I will do here is start with just a narrow market as I don’t want to give away some other reviews I have coming on how wide our carpet cleaning market is. So, Lets start with any product range from any manufacture that sells carpet cleaning products to us.

For this example I have chosen

carpet cleaner review

As you can see from my image what road I am going down.  Cleaning is not just about dirt its about hygiene just because you can see it with your eyes it does not mean its not there or important to us.

Let start with expectant mums. you will know how many ladies will have carpets cleaned before they give birth. hygiene is important to them. what we need to do is educate them that its not about just the early days of the new baby, but thought nappy training to crawling to spillages and teenage dens.

So what proof have I? here are just a few keywords from Adwords

carpet odor
pet stain remover
pet odor removal
odor removal
best carpet cleaner for old pet urine
urine cleaner
pet urine remover
urine remover
carpet odor remover
dog urine smell
smelly carpet
pet urine cleaner
dog urine remover
best pet stain remover
urine stain remover
dog urine cleaner
carpet odor eliminator
pet odor eliminator
pet odor neutralizer
urine odor remover
best carpet cleaner for pets
pet urine odor remover
dog urine on carpet
best carpet cleaner for pet urine

the list just for this subject was over 600 long. That is 600  articles you can write or produce media for.

AS you can see the spelling for odor is the USA version. But that just means that you know google is giving you the worldwide search returns for this subject. Not a problem. because if you are like me and track your pages you will know that a hit from the other side of the world will not harm you site but in fact will provide you better rankings for local search.

So you see that just two areas that you can “Message To Market Match”

This helps not only for cheap click from adwords in your local market but your sites authority in carpet cleaning. Your not looking for each page to get lots of click but lots of pages getting one. so the more pages you have they add up.

The next important part of blogging is that most carpet cleaners think that they will have to write. not true in fact its best not to write as you lose the effectiveness of a page if you don’t know how to write for SEO. Images and video are the way to go. Easy to produce in large amounts and more likely prospects will get the message. No one reads when searching for a service because they have so much choice with a search engine. you want it that the get the message right away with a image or within a minute if a video.

I hope this helps you? Find on G+


Carpet Cleaner Review 30 Day Facebook Challenge

carpet cleaning facebook

This review is from a carpet cleaners point of view and how it can help us build our brand. I say brand for a reason and that’s there are two ways you can work with Facebook as a carpet cleaner and that by likes and follows but, who really is going to want our stuff in their stream. and paid adverts which is the big problem.

Facebook is about making money for itself and its not going to let you have its asset for free. That is access to everyone.  So you will have some reach but only a small amount. we can work with this and it does play into how I see the situation. That’s more as PR and a place where people can come check you out. So we can post content that positions us as experts and someone that people will want to do business with.

As of  right now I have yet to paid Facebook any money for adverts. The reason for this is that I am working on my message to market match at the moment and want to get that right first. If you have read any of my stuff you will know that I am trying to expand how people view carpet cleaning and move away from the before and after images that most carpet cleaners post.

We as carpet cleaners are providing hygiene to people, and dirt is just the part that they see. If people get the hygiene part we would already be selling those services and be working more on carpets that would not be great before and after images. In face if you know anything about bacteria you will know about gram negative and gran positive and that is really what we are trying to do here is show the difference between dirt and hygiene.

I was going to write a day by day guide on how I put this great book to use but have changed my mind on that way of doing it. These book are about giving to a way to get to know Facebook and how you can use a page. The fact you do a task each day is great as it develops the habit that you need with today media.

Cleaning carpets is not the kind of subject that’s interesting to people. so any content we produce is here today gone tomorrow. That’s why that habit is so important, and expanding our message to prospects.

If we are to spend money on adverts we must first have our USP and message right. We must make the effort to ensure our USP is unique or the presentation is at least unique to us. Your angle on the larger carpet cleaning theme. What I am trying to say is if we all going to cover hygiene then the words and images need our touch and not just copying others. If you do this you take away how you look for a prospect. and then how are they going to choose you?

We all have to work to have a unique personality on line just as we are in real life. You ca use Facebook as a mirror on that on line part of you. when you look at other carpet cleaners pages ask yourself does this look like me or what I am doing? This can be hard as others will copy directly what your doing if its any good. but you have the advantage on being able to see that and change again. Why? because you have control over your stuff and not over the person copying you.

We can build our this new message and I am here to help you do that. so just ask if you would like any help.

Respects Ian Harper Carpet Cleaning

How to Wash Your Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Southend Review – The Hydrogen Peroxide Handbook By Rosemarie Wilkins

The Hydrogen Peroxide Handbook By Rosemarie Wilkins

Amazon Kindle

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When I first started reading the e-book I thought it was going to be a hard read but its fun. I think it was just the subject.

So here how the book is presented

  1. History
  2. Application
  3. Handling And Using

The e-book is well written and the only thing from a carpet cleaners point of view that’s missing is how hydrogen Peroxide reacts with fibres like wool in carpets, and other fabrics. This is important as carpet cleaners are a target for this e-book.

Also I would have liked to see human hair covered as again big target audience. with lots of people DIYing beaching their own hair I am sure they could use some help when things go wrong.

I recommend this book to anyone that handles or has an interest in Hydrgen Peroxide